What is Swinging?


What is swinging all about anyway?

What is SwingingIf you have never actually tried swinging before it’s easy to imagine it involves anything from the cliched ‘keys in the bowl’ scenarios to highly stylised … as per Eyes Wide Shut. In reality, neither of those popular depictions of swinging accurately portray what goes on in the swinging scene.

In a nutshell, swinging is best described as recreational or social sex had by two or more couples (usually male and female) with a handful of single males or females invited in if desired. Usually swinging couples are life partners (in that they are married or attached to each other) but since swinging is all about partner swapping, participants may also include friends with benefits.

How to Swing

Swinging does not have a strict set of rules in terms of how participants are meant to act or interact. Most people assume that swinging must involve partner swapping for intercourse but these days there are no expectations. No two swinging couples play the same way and few play exactly the same way all the time.

Some couples only swap partners for sexual intercourse, whereas others engage in same-room, same-partner sex with some foreplay swapping if desired. There are also couples where one or both partners prefer to just watch and then there are those who enjoy a full swap in that they do not play in the same room at all. As long as all participants are happy, there are simply no rules!

Are Swingers Bisexual?

Many swingers (particularly the female partner) are bisexual which adds to the fun of a swinging session. However it’s not unusual for a lot of couples to be completely straight and just seek heterosexual interactions too. There are also more and more men experimenting with their bisexuality. Compared to even ten years ago, there seems to be more of a relaxed attitude towards male bisexuality and perhaps even less of a focus on female bisexuality. There was a time when the ladies were expected to be bisexual and their men kept a safe distance from each other. Now, it’s anything goes as long as it’s discussed prior to play time.

Is Swinging Good For You?

Couples who are actively enjoying the lifestyle will tell you that swinging is very beneficial to a relationship, even when you’re not actively seeking action. Swinging encourages honesty and openness in a couple that often extends to other significant aspects of their relationship. If a couple decides to swing, they learn early on that it’s important to always communicate intentions and feelings.

Other than helping a couple stay honest with each other, swinging also alleviates a lot of the issues that monogamous couples face such as jealousy and loss of passion. It’s not that swingers don’t experience such problems but being sexually open-minded does help weed out the serious problems from the trivial ones. It’s healthy accepting that your partner is checking someone out because it’s only natural, not because they don’t love you anymore.

So to sum it up, swinging is simply a way to enjoy your relationship and celebrate open sexuality. It’s not just about what people do in the bedroom but also an attitude to life in general.



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