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Get more action with these dating profile tips

Single Guys

It’s an understatement to say that there’s no shortage of single guys in the swinging scene. If you’re going to use a swingers site to meet a hot couple or curious single girl to join you at a swingers club, then you need to make sure your profile sends out the right message about you.

Here are some useful profile tips for single guys who want to stand out from the crowd.

Keep your sexy shots for private eyes

Single guys seem to be keen to put their supposedly best feature front and centre on their adult dating site profile but they shouldn’t. Most couples and women prefer a little mystery rather than be confronted by a penis shot as soon as they open a profile. On the other hand, many people do prefer to see what’s on offer before meeting, especially if size matters to them. To ensure that you cater to all, put your X-rated shots in your private gallery and give people access to them if they ask. Swingers sites such as RedHotPie provide more than one gallery so you can put all your naughty shots into one exclusive gallery. Just mention in your profile write-up that you do have more to show if required.

Say the right things

You might be tempted to use words like ‘hung’ and ‘stamina’ but for couples and girls who have been let down by self-described studs in the past, ‘genuine’ and ‘honest’ are green-light words. If you’re on a swingers site, it’s pretty obvious that you’re up for some hot sex. What most people really want to know is if you will turn up for a date if you make one. Save the sexy talk for when you get your foot in the door. Make a case for yourself as a reliable choice. If the swingers site you use has a peer validation feature, ask people you know from the site to leave you some positive feedback.

Be original with your profile and messages

If you make an effort with your profile, photos and messages, you instantly get a tick of approval from most couples and single ladies. Just as you would put on your best outfit to go out on a date, it pays to make your profile as appealing as possible so your first impression is positive. It’s hard to not get lost among the many single guys online so you do need to stand out. Make sure your photos are clear, well composed (no toilets in the background!) and put you in the best light. You don’t need to write a novel but make sure you cover the basics about you and what you want out of swinging so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

Read profiles properly

Yes, I know that everyone is time poor these days but if you don’t want your time wasted, then it’s worth spending some time reading profiles before you send a copy/paste message to people who roughly match what you’re seeking. If a couple is only seeking to meet other vegans and you love steak, then you’re wasting everyone’s time by messaging them. Reading profiles also helps you write a more personal message which is always looked upon favourably. Who doesn’t like feeling special?



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