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Are you a couple or single girl? Add photos of him too!

So you’ve made the decision to meet swingers online. Perhaps you’ve even signed up to one of the best swingers sites I’ve recommended on my website already? Congratulations! Meeting other couples online is very exciting and the best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Your time is precious though, so here are some dating profile tips for couples to ensure that your profile and photos are set up to attract the right people for you, as well as save other couples and singles from contacting you if they’re not what you’re looking for, and vice versa.

Upload Photos of Both Partners

A pet hate amongst couples who use swingers sites is being approached by people whose profiles only display photos of the female partner. Yes, ladies are gorgeous to look at but ultimately, if you are planning to meet people as a couple, make sure you have photos of both of you in it. If the male partner isn’t a confident subject in front of the camera, think of creative ways to present his best side. Most couples just want an idea of what you both look like. No photos of the male partner says a lot of things and none of them good. Needless to say, couple profiles with no photos of the female partner isn’t a good idea either.

Don’t Write a Novel

Couples are more likely to read a profile in its entirety (and digest the content) but no one wants to read paragraphs of information, most of which may not be relevant to the reader. Couples want more than a few sentences to get a ‘feel’ for the people behind the profile, but a long profile just says too much. If you have a profile that is over two or three paragraphs, identify points that are better explained in a message or in person (that your previous swinging experience was a disaster etc.) and stick to the important points (that you’re a first-timer or are only free during the day to meet).

Be Honest But Not Picky

It’s more than fine to write in your profile that you dislike smoking but if you say that you will only meet non-smokers who are also vegan and atheist, then you are narrowing down potential playmates. Naturally, if you have specific criteria that are very important to you then you should mention them in your profile as long as you accept that the pool of applicants may be small. If there are things you have a preference for (clean-shaven men or ladies with big boobs) but lack thereof isn’t a deal-breaker, then it’s best not to mention them. The sexy bearded guy and his perky-breasted girlfriend might be the best swinging experience you’ll ever have but not if you tell them you’re not interested from the get-go.

No One Likes Time Wasters

On a dating website there is one thing you don’t want to come across as and that is flakey and unreliable. Most couples don’t have a lot of time and prefer to plan their playtime well ahead of schedule. Even if they have spontaneous moments for fun, they want reliable people who will turn up at 3am if they say they will. Use your profile to let people know you are genuine and that you will keep dates if you make them. Feel free to admit that you are nervous or shy people but that you are serious about meeting people. Many people need some indication via a dating profile that you’re not likely to flake out.

No One Likes Boring People Either

Swinging should be fun and exciting so make sure your profile doesn’t make you sound like a dull prospect or that you take swinging too seriously. Most certainly show that you’re serious about meeting and playing if everyone agrees, but take a relaxed, laid-back approach overall. Not only will you enjoy your experiences more, if you maintain a sense of humour and fun, you won’t be too put out if your date doesn’t turn out exactly how you hoped, which from time to time is simply what happens.

Feel free to share these dating profile tips for couples with your friends. Especially if they’re not meeting as many people as they could! X


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