Choosing the Best Swingers Sites


How do you choose the best swingers sites?

Best Swingers SitesInternet dating has gone from being something nerdy introverts used to try and find mates, to being one of the most common means for people to to meet other people for various types of relationships. It’s therefore not surprising then that swingers also use adult dating websites to meet other likeminded couples rather than rely on swingers clubs or random hookups.

Unfortunately, the popularity of online dating means that there is now a glut of dating sites, most of which are either failed attempts at becoming the next Adult Friend Finder, or affiliate marketing driven portals that will share your personal details with other websites for commission.

So how do couples and singles ensure they choose the best swingers sites? No one has enough time on their hands to register on every single swingers site that comes up on Google. If you’re going to make the effort to join websites (and possibly part with some cash to use their special features), then you want to make sure your time, effort and dollars are not going to be wasted.

Here are some things to look out for:

Professional presentation

It’s not hard to build a good-looking website these days so by professionally presented, I mean that you should look for websites that have things like ‘Term of Use’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Contact’ at the bottom of the website. A genuine website will also have well written write-ups and descriptions throughout. If the English sounds bad or there are many mistakes, you can bet the person behind it wasn’t too worried about presentation and was more in a hurry to get a website up.

Numbers and Statistics 

Yes, we should take statistics with a grain of salt but if a website can confidently post the number of users logged on at a given time, you’ll probably find a lot of activity inside generated by actual users. Many dating websites simply hope you’ll join first and then listen to the crickets in the empty room later (but by then some other website has your email address!).

Ad Banners

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a website posting third party ads on their pages but they should be relevant to the theme of the website and not overwhelming. If a swingers site has ads for adult toys then that makes sense, but if the website you’re thinking of joining is full of ads and has very little content of substance, it’s doesn’t really care if you meet people or not (again, they have your details…).

Template Website

If a website says it’s for swingers, then you’d expect to be able to join as a couple. However, if a ‘swingers’ site only lets you join as a single man or a single woman, then it’s likely the brainiac behind it is used a white label dating website template that doesn’t let you modify things too easily. Look for websites that let you join as a couple, if not other types of users such as transgendered or same-sex couples.

Time-Proven Websites

Of course a small, small percentage of new websites take off and gain some popularity but to ensure you aren’t going to have your time wasted, choose a swingers site that has been around for a number of years. You can usually see from the footer section of a website as to how long the website has been operating. Websites that purport to be the biggest or best swingers sites, but have only been online for a year are not likely to get you anywhere.

Social Media Engagement

Websites that are used and loved by real people will generally have a number of social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook, with a healthy following. Some websites may appear to have a lot of followers but take a look at their tweets or posts. If all they seem to do is rehash the same thing and not actually interact with their supposedly many followers, it’s possible they have bought their ‘likes’ or other interactions just to appear popular or well established.

For my recommended list of swingers sites, please refer to the main page where I have listed my favourites for this year.




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